Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama to Indonesia for Science Research

The arrival of U.S. President Obama to Indonesia on 22 until March 24, 2010 turned out to save the agenda of the upcoming signing of the MOU of cooperation in 23 fields of scientific research over five years. This cooperation will also regulate the protection of intellectual property rights and biodiversity.

According to Teguh Rahardjo, Deputy Minister for Research and Technology Research Program of Science and Technology Week (14/1/2010), in Jakarta, the most important thing in the joint that is about the protection of biological richness of Indonesia and the utilization of intellectual property rights.

"In the draft agreement Indonesia-US Science and Technology, Indonesia managed to enter the negotiating team for the issue of MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) and GRTK (Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge) that has not been approved by the U.S. signed a bilateral cooperation in the script," he said.

Actually scientists cooperation of both countries has long been established through research and private institutions to produce several works of innovation. However, to provide a legal umbrella for the protection of works of innovation and its utilization for commercial purposes, is required MOU.

Furthermore, all parties need to think about is to meet and carry out commitments of the agreement is on funding.